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Info about inactive ingredients and buying Yasmin without prescription

Before buying Yasmin without prescription women should be informed that it is a low-dose monophasic oral estrogen-progestin contraceptive, which includes active Drospirenone + Ethinyl Estradiol and inactive vitamin pills.

Yasmin may also be marketed: Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol, Yaz, Syeda, Gianvi, Loryna and more.

*Yasmin® is a registered trademark of Berlex Laboratories

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About action and how to purchase Yasmin online

Women are assigned to order and purchase Yasmin online in New York City, indicated for contraception in women with the following diseases: a tendency to hormone-dependent fluid retention; folate deficiency; acne (moderate form).

How to take

Buy generic Yasmin doses

Every person, who needs contraceptive, buy generic Yasmin through pharmacy online. Tablets should be taken orally in the order indicated on the package, every day at the same time, without chewing, with a small amount of water. Take 1 tablet by day continuously for 28 days. Using of the next pack of pills begins immediately after the end of the previous one. Reception of the preparation begins on the 1st day of the menstrual cycle.

Side effects

Unwanted reactions of purchased in online Yasmin pharmacy drug

Side effects of online Yasmin pharmacy drug include:

  • hypersensitivity reactions;
  • changes in body weight, fluid retention;
  • depressed mood, changes in libido, mood swings;
  • headache, migraine;
  • contact lenses intolerance;
  • increase or decrease in blood pressure, thromboembolism;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain;
  • itching, acne, eczema, alopecia, urticaria, rash, erythema nodosum, erythema multiforme;
  • breast tenderness, vulvovaginal candidiasis, absence, tenderness, change in intensity, vaginitis, discharge from the mammary glands, increase in the mammary glands.


Where to buy Yasmin and the drug’s special conditions

Specialist may explain you where to buy Yasmin in NYC. In rare cases, the development of thrombosis and thromboembolism is observed while taking contraceptives. There is evidence of an increased risk of developing cervical cancer with prolonged use of contraceptive. In patients with hypertriglyceridemia, the risk of pancreatitis is somewhat increased. With the development of persistent, pronounced increase in blood pressure women should stop taking Yasmin to normalize blood pressure. According to the instructions, it does not affect the ability to drive motor vehicles and other complex mechanisms that require the speed of psychomotor reactions.

Drug interactions

Buy cheap Yasmin online and risk of medication interactions

At present time you may find and buy cheap Yasmin online in NY. Drugs that stimulate microsomal liver enzymes (rifampicin, carbamazepine, primidone, phenytoin, barbiturates) increase the clearance of sex hormones. When using these medications, as well as for 4 weeks after their cancellation, it is recommended to use an additional barrier method of contraception. Tetracycline / penicillin antibiotics reduce the concentration of Ethinyl estradiol. With application of antibiotics (except griseofulvin and rifampicin) and within a week after their cancellation you should use an additional method of contraception.

Missed dose

Yasmin missed dose

Contraceptive protection is not decreased if you do not delay the drug’s taking less than 12 hours. Take a contraceptive as soon as possible, the next pill is taken at the usual time.


Storage conditions

Keep at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.