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Info about inactive ingredients and buying Timoptic without prescription

For buying Timoptic without prescription you may review the annotation. Preparation contains 5 mg of Timolol. Inactive ingredients include monobasic and dibasic sodium phosphate, water for injection, sodium hydroxide.

Also marketed as Istalol, Betimol, Timoptic Ocudose, Timoptic Ocumeter.

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About action and how to purchase Timoptic online

People mainly purchase Timoptic online in New York City to decrease elevated intraocular pressure. In clinical trials, it was shown that the drug reduces intraocular pressure in people with chronic open-angle glaucoma, or ocular hypertension, secondary glaucoma, glaucoma. Timoptic is also indicated as a concomitant therapy in children with glaucoma, whose treatment with other anti glaucoma drugs does not provide an adequate effect.

How to take

Buy generic Timoptic doses

Adults buy generic Timoptic and use conjunctival one drop of a 0.25% solution twice a day (0.5% solution is applied if the dosage is necessary to be increased). After the stabilization of low intraocular pressure (on average after four weeks) instillation with one drop once by day is possible. The action usually develops quickly, usually twenty minutes after application period, the maximum reduction in intraocular pressure occurs after one or two hours, persists for twenty four hours. When prescribing Timoptic after other means (excluding beta-blockers), it is necessary to apply the combination simultaneously for one day, on the second day the previously used medicament is generally completely canceled and you continue therapy with Timoptic. Children are prescribed one drop every twelve hours (against the background of other medications).

Side effects

Unwanted reactions of purchased in online Timoptic pharmacy drug

Adverse effects for online Timoptic pharmacy drug are conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, decreased corneal sensitivity; bradycardia, visual disturbances (diplopia, changes in refraction, ptosis), arrhythmia, collapse, hypotension, cardiac block, congestive cardiac failure, cardiac arrest, chest pain, cerebral circulatory disorders, palpitation, cerebral ischemia, headache, nausea, asthenia, dizziness, depression, bronchospasm, fatigue, respiratory insufficiency, alopecia, skin allergic reactions as urticaria, local and generalized rash, death (bronchospasm, or heart failure).


Where to buy Timoptic and the drug’s special conditions

You can visit many chemist’s shops where to buy Timoptic in NYC. Even with local use, active substance can cause the same side effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems as systemic beta-blockers. For this reason, the condition of the patient should be monitored before prescribing and during its use. There are cases of severe cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, including deaths, due to bronchospasm in patients with bronchial asthma and death from heart failure. Before a planned operation with general anesthesia, within 48 hours, it is necessary to stop using medication, since Timoptic, like all beta-blockers, can reduce myocardial sensitivity to sympathetic stimulation necessary for the heart to work.

Drug interactions

Buy cheap Timoptic online and risk of medication interactions

You can be offered to buy cheap Timoptic online in NY. If combined with the appointment of norepinephrine especially mydriasis is possible. Remedy is compatible (additive effect) with beta-and alpha-blockers (hypotension, decrease in intraocular pressure, or severe bradycardia), calcium antagonists.

Missed dose

Timoptic missed dose

If Timoptic was missed, you should not use the missed dosage.


Storage conditions

Timoptic is usually stable at room temperature. Keep away from light.